About Me

Fera Flores grew out of my love of flowers. It’s a mindful release. Flowers are more than an arrangement or the latest trend. My inspiration comes from the backstories I hear from all people and their connection with flowers - people who want flowers because they are creating their own personalized message of beauty and emotion. 


I am inspired by flowers. I love doing the research - where are they grown? Where do they come from? What do they symbolize? How they make you feel? Some flowers even have medicinal properties. They signify the onset of seasons. Flowers are a sensory explosion – smell, touch, vision and sound when you hear them swooshing in the gentle breeze.


Working with flowers is the time that I can truly be in the moment – focused and appreciative. Creating a shape and form which brings out the best of Nature’s offerings. It’s the primary reason I chose the name Fera Flores. 

Wild flowers – uncultivated, growing freely and naturally. 


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